Saturday, September 25, 2010

Red, White & Black

In my search to find an album cover for the weekly designer review, I kept coming across this color scheme. So I thought it would be interesting to review these four works together based on their shared palette to illustrate how colors can convey a message as well as a mood. Black & white is about as simple of a color scheme as you can have. When used in text, it's stark, it's no non-sense, it's clear and straightforward. When used in photography, it urges contemplation in a way a color photograph can fail to do. Black and white are bold, but something happens when you add red. All four of the works above are trying to instill a sense of rebellion, and that's what the red color does. These artists are rebelling from social and sexual norms, from governing bodies, parental figures and a cookie-cutter mentality. They are not just selling music, they are selling a revolution. The red elements of the design are are so jarring amidst the black & white that it perfectly communicates the message that "we won't be controlled, oppressed or pacified". It is no surprise then that red, white & black are often used in the punk genre, and has great appeal to teenagers.

1 comment:

  1. Excellent that you focussed on the power a color scheme brings to the table. That is a major consideration for all designers... Color must not be used arbitrarily... always with intent or not at all...