Monday, September 13, 2010


For a change of pace, I took these photos on an impromptu morning walk to the beach during a weekend getaway in Cape Cod this past summer. I had some sizing trouble so I'm not sure I got this completely right...but it finally came together to at least look decent enough to post! I liked this project because I learned how to use the filters on only parts of the image in order to make the background black and white. I also was able to fix some of the flowers with the clone stamp and clear up some dead buds in one of the images. I tried to darken the white Hydrangea behind the 44 in the top right corner but it wouldn't let click on enhance levels for some reason.


  1. Nice... this series works! It is a good thing to post your own photography too... Learning to make selections in order to isolate color is a good basic skill to have... using the stamp tool to clone out undesirable elements is also another important basic skill.

    The reason your hydrangea wouldn't darken is because you have to click on and target the layer the photograph is actually on to be able to darken it.

    Nice large scale and proportion on the 44 and USA....

    Well done!

  2. Thank you. I was very surprised and happy with the outcome!

  3. Great photos, Kristina. I love the vibrant bursts of color on the gray backgrounds.

  4. Lovely photos! I love the focal b&w you used.

  5. Nice photos, I'm a fan of the color image on gray background. Looks great.