Monday, September 20, 2010

Modern Dog Design Co.

This poster was designed by Modern Dog Design company. What I like about this poster is that it's message isn't very apparent at first glance. You would think that wouldn't make it a very effective poster, after all a poster's purpose is to relay information. But it intrigues you to stop and read it, as if you're solving a puzzle. In that sense it's more effective than a poster with an overt message, because it becomes more memorable. Written in a sloppy, dripping-paint style the words read "Explosions in the Sky", the name of a musical group (which might explain why some of the paint drippings resemble music notes). This method works so well that the remainder of the text, which details the bands next appearance, can be written in such a small font knowing that the larger design element has captured the viewers attention. A poster with a clear and bold textual message may be easier to read in passing, but this one gets you to stop. Even the smallest of information will be conveyed once the poster catches a persons eye.

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