Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Milton Glaser

I chose to critique Milton Glaser, a graphic designer most famous for his "I <3 NY" logo, and now the very famous tribute to President Obama (see above) that made an incredible impact on his campaign. It is simple, yet effective. Glaser uses both colorful and unique designs to convey simplistic messages--some political and meant to think about, some as simple and inconsequential as "I <3 NY." Glaser was one of the pioneers of the "psychedelic" art that dominated in the 1960's. This style of art has survived centuries, inspiring newer graphic designers to renew and refurbish it. I really enjoyed looking through some of Glaser's work, and thought his style and use of color were very eye-catching and made you really LOOK at them. I guess that's why his messages that he often threw into the picture were so profoundly felt, as he chose the right colors to evoke the emotions he felt when he wrote them, to get people to understand his own convictions. But, what I also like is that with Glaser, the simpler, the better, as we see with the classic "I <3 NY" logo which has been a favorite icon for generations--it is timeless, and I don't believe Glaser knew how his simple design would become such an institution of New York City and the residents and visitors that trump through it every day. That's why I think he is a pretty cool graphic designer.


  1. Amazing to find the person behind the icons... Glasser was a good one to pick.

  2. The Hope Poster is not Milton. The credit belongs to Shepard Fairey.