Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Leif Podhajsky

Leif Podhajsky's art caught my attention. I find I am drawn to symmetrical work and he presented many pieces in this style. His piece, Eye Sceptre Booklet, has a kaliedoscope look to it that I find appealling.

Podhajsky's Tame Malibu, Solitude is Bliss album cover draws your eye deep into the center of the piece by using shades of color and other affects (I don't know what those are yet!). His use of the blue sky with puffy white clouds gives a dreamlike feel to the cover. I have always been amazed by album covers. Through this course, I suppose, some of the magic will be revealed to me. How was this work ever done without a computer?

I find graphic art to be quite surreal and look forward to having some skill in this area.

I have added links because I am unable to add images for some reason.


  1. Thanks for bringing Leif to our attention... I love symmetry myself and have been using it in my own work for a number of years... (See the snow symmetry series linked from "photography" on my website)

    To post an image, right click on it with your mouse and choose "save image as"... then name it and put it in a folder that you can navigate it is ready to be uploaded along with your text... take a look at the video linked in the upper right of the blog, how to post to the blog... Also, I just made a new video linked from the syllabus on how to capture and save images for your stamp project.....

  2. Hi,

    Thanks, I think it's a glitch in my computer. When I click on the little image icon, it does nothing. I will try to shut down and restart.