Friday, August 27, 2010

Two Letter Form Variations

For design 1, besides the traditional black to gray gradient, I also included a gradient spiral using one of the variants of the gradient tool.

Design 2 is the only one I used a pre-installed background pattern for. It's a zebra print that I enlarged to make it more abstract. I then ran both the background and letters through a couple of filters which not only gives the letters their vibrant colors, but also gives the skin a metallic sheen.

For the striped pattern on design 3, I used the same variation of the gradient tool as on design 1. To achieve the stripes I used the linear setting instead of the circular option. I applied the gradient multiple times at varying widths, and then alternated the color and repeated. The added filter allows the stripes to changes colors while passing through the letters.

With design 4, I had a lot less direction. I just kept clicking many different filters in a thoughtless sequence until I had something I liked. Even though the same colors run through both the background and foreground there manages to be enough contrast to make the letters pop and maintain a lot of depth in the background.

This project was a lot of fun... I really enjoyed it. In fact, I couldn't stop myself. I must have done at least 20 variations. It was really hard to edit down to just 4. Can't wait for the next project.


  1. Perfect Steve! You have an artist's mind.... The different variations show a love for invention and experimentation... You are certainly off to a great start.

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  3. Thank you. I really appreciate the positive feedback.